Mother's Day is this weekend, May 12, and if you're looking for gifts that aren't super expensive and El Paso-centric, here's your list:

1. Take her to the El Paso Municipal Rose Garden - The Rose Garden is located at 3418 Aurora in Central El Paso. Moms love roses, so take her to one place in the city that is overflowing with them. The best part about the Rose Garden is it's free, and this time of year it is at it's best. Do it for the Mom, do it for the 'Gram.

Patricia Martinez

2. Take a hike at Hueco Tanks - If your mom is the outdoorsy type who loves to hike and explore, there are tons of things for your mom to do at Hueco Tanks. There is stargazing, rare plants to see, and even yoga. Check out the full list of activities by clicking here.

Patricia Martinez

3. Take her to a free movie at the International Museum of Art - All of the movies are free and they have insanely low-priced concessions before the movie, so you could definitely have a great time for about $20. After the movie, take a stroll through the Trost-designed building and check out the exhibits for free as well. Click here for information on the museum and events.

Patricia Martinez

4. Check Out Area Bakeries - El Paso has a million amazing bakeries. You can get French goodies at Belle Cora Bakery, traditional pan dulce at Bowie Bakery, or check out a Central El Paso bakery and bistro at Salt + Honey. Go fill your tummy on Saturday and beat the Mother's Day crowds.


5. Your Mom's House For Dinner - Don't even think about making your mom make her own dinner. You go get the ingredients for her favorite meal, go to her house, cook said meal, clean up the meal, and then go home. Your mom is going to need a good nap after the amazing meal you cook her. Hey, it's Mother's Day, not your day, make sure you remember that.