Four middle school students are lucky to be back in El Paso after walking away from their school and trying to make their way to Veracruz and the ocean.

One of the kids told the others that she could get them to Veracruz for an all expenses paid beach trip. The kids left Armendariz Middle School and got as far as Juarez after someone paid their toll to get over the bridge. They got lost when they tried to find their way back to El Paso.

One of the kids was reportedly found at the Juarez home of her father. The other three kids were returned to their parents in El Paso, but one child is still missing in Juarez. That girl is 10-year-old Edna Moreno. She reportedly left the group and has not been seen since. Police in Juarez are still trying to locate Moreno.

The El Paso Independent School District says the kids do attend Armendariz Middle School, but they disappeared "after hours."

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