Look, let's be honest - Halloween isn't going to be as much fun this year as we all thought it would because COVID-19. A Saturday Halloween? It was going to be a blast, but no, a stupid pandemic had to roll across the world and shut all the fun stuff down.

Which brings us to costumes. Are you going to go all out with your kid's costume this year or are you just going to make do with what you can come up with at your house. Well, if you're a certain age, you remember your mom making you a costume 20 minutes before you went out trick-or-treating. There wasn't any shopping for accessories and taking three months to plan what the whole family was going to wear. Nope, Mom was all about getting something that vaguely resembled a costume on your body, handing you a pillow case for your loot, and getting you out the door with your Dad.

So here are some super easy, old-school Halloween costumes you won't even have to shop for:

1. Ghost - Come on. How easy is this? Grab a sheet, cut some eye and arm holes in it and off you go. Only have printed sheets? Well, they you're a fashionable ghost.
2. Hobo - May not be politically correct, but here's what you need. Clothes you don't mind mussing up and tearing, perhaps even putting holes in. Messy hair, a little fake dirt on the face courtesy of your bronzer, and voila, you're a hobo.
3. Alien - A black shirt and pants, wrap some aluminum foil around the kiddo's shoes, some more wrapped around their head, and make some antennae with more foil and some pencils and boom, you're an alien.
4. Christmas tree - Brown shirt and pants, wrap some battery powered lights around the beastie, hang some ornaments you don't mind losing and bingo bango, we got a Christmas tree costume.
5. Clown - Mismatched clothes that are too big, use some hair product to make their hair look silly, paint their face with your makeup and ta daaa! That clown is ready for Halloween.

See, costumes don't have to break the bank or require a trip to the party store. Rummage around your house and have a Happy Halloween!

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