Headed out on a date this weekend? Make sure it's in the clear and not in the wrong place! Here are some places to take a first date that are appropriate...

  • Out For Coffee: This a sure winner! Talking, eye contact and some yummy coffee and treats!
  • A Local Dinner: This has the same benefits of the coffee date. Make sure it's somewhere not too loud like a sports grill where the TVs tend to overbear the conversation volume.
  • Brunch: This is a nice change of scenery simply because you get the freshness of morning and a change in the menu! I personally love this idea.
  • A Walk in the Park: Pick a park that is very open, maybe one with a pond an some ducks and make sure to take some bread crumbs to feed them together!
  • Concert: Although I said earlier to take dates somewhere not too loud, this could totally be an art filled, crafty time out! For instance, Cool Canyon Nights would be a great date!

Speaking of Cool Canyon Nights, here is the link to the remaining schedule.