Swimming is the most fun thing about summer, but it can be deadly. There are so many things that can go wrong in a pool, so here are some tips that you might not have thought about when taking the kiddos swimming:

1. If you have a kid in the pool, your eyes need to be on them: Don’t assume that someone else is watching them, even if the pool has a lifeguard. A friend of my family once lost a child to drowning at a backyard pool. When they moved into a home with a pool, they had a hard and fast rule. If your kid was in the water, you were required to be looking at them or else they had to get out of the pool.
2. Even if your kid has floaties or a swim vest on, they need to have someone right there with them to make sure they are safe: A child could get in trouble or the floatation device could fail. If a child can’t swim, no flotation device will keep them 100% safe. They need an adult who can swim right next to them.
3. Teach your kid not to jump into a pool: If they don’t know the depth of the pool, they might hit their head or even break a leg if it’s too shallow. If there is someone under the water, they could injure that person or themselves.
4. Don’t trust a toy for flotation: If your kid doesn’t know how to swim, an air mattress or beach ball isn’t going to keep them safe in the water. Make sure that if your child doesn’t know how to swim, they have a swim vest on no matter what.

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