If you're new to the city, you might not have gone through our springtime windstorms. I don't mind them because I would rather deal with a little wind rather than a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado, but there are a few things you need to know:

Window and Gabled Roof

1. Never leave your windows open - Ok, not never. Just remember if you're going to the leave the house, close your windows. Springtime wind storms are a fact of life in El Paso and it doesn't take long for the entire desert to be all over your floors and furniture. If you're leaving your house, close your windows.

cosmetic powder on the white background

2. Get used to fixing your face - There's nothing like walking in and out of blowing dust to trash your makeup. You might walk out of your house looking like a Kylie Jenner ad, but by mid-day, you'll look like you've been sandblasted. Don't forget makeup wipes and travel-sized cosmetics to refresh your look during the day.

Wash me sign on dirty car
Piotr Sikora

3. Rain + desert = mud - Spring rains can either be gullywashers or just enough moisture to turn every speck of of dirt on your car into a tiny pool of mud. You will wash your car and then some weird cloud will come along, rain only on your car and make it look like you've been four-wheeling in your station wagon. Get an unlimited car wash deal. You won't regret it.

Swimming pool and patio

4. Tie your stuff down - Spring windstorms will pick up everything in your yard and deposit it in your neighbor's yard. How do you think I got all my patio furniture? Tie stuff down or make sure you find that one spot on the patio that is protected from the wind. If not, get used to buying new stuff because I'm not giving it back.

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