BØRNS facebook
BØRNS facebook

The day is here!  After the selected acts have played and a winner is chosen to ROCK the patio of Cool Canyon Nights in May, BØRNS is taking the stage at Funkmeyers Rec Room!

Now before your BLOWN AWAY by BØRNS, we have 5 awesome DEETS about our KISS new artist!

  • BØRNS is  BØRNS' real name!  Kinda'...His real name is Garrett Borns.  So all he's done is get rid of Garrett and put an awesome dash through the "O" in his last name.
  • BØRNS was signed to Interscope Records, which is a BIG DEAL.  He joins the likes of KISS artists Maroon 5 and Ellie Goulding amongst many others on the record label
  • He has been described as having a "dreamy blend of folk, electro, and glam rock."  That's really either going to be a really good or really, REALLY bad, isn't it?!
  • He's playing TONIGHT after 7ish!!!!!  Funkmeyers Rec Room and he's the funniest gent around other than Mike from Mike and Tricia Mornings!!!!




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