Here are four helpful hacks to make your life easier on day two of Neon Desert Music Festival.

This year Neon Desert Music Festival got off to a great start and if you’re gearing up for day two then here are five helpful tips before you head out tomorrow.


This year NDMF has a wider and more expansive footprint which means a whole lot more walking. I saw so many girls wearing uncomfortable high heels they could barely walk. You will not enjoy yourself if your shoes are uncomfortable, so break out your best walking shoes and enjoy the show.


Whether you are planning on drinking or not, make sure you stay hydrated. You are allowed to take a reusable water bottle or a Camel backpack and refill at various water stations throughout the festival so take advantage. Otherwise, a 16-ounce water bottle will run you $3.


WiFi will be iffy and depending on your service provider you may not have service at all. Since service will be spotty this will probably drain your battery sooner than expected so make sure pack a portable charger. Otherwise, set your phone on airplane mode and take all the pictures and photos you want and post until you get home to preserve your battery life.


While all of the vendors will accept your bank cards you might just want to have some cash on hand especially for emergencies so carry a few extra bills with you when you head out to the festival.

Day two of Neon Desert Music Festival will continue tomorrow, May 26, 2019, featuring headliners Wiz Khalifa, Tchami, and Chicano Batman. For the full lineup and ticket information visit NDMF.

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