I follow a couple of mom-centric Facebook pages and I've gotten a kick out of some of the answers to the question they've posed to moms on their page. The question is "What do you really want for Mother's Day?"

There are the standard answers like "a mani/pedi", or "a homecooked meal with my family", but here are some of the more interesting things that El Paso moms say they want for Mother's Day:

1. To disappear for the day - This mom wants to just get up and go by herself. Some real "me time" might be something that you could give your mom. Maybe you can do that on a different day than Mother's Day, but it would definitely be a nice gift.

Domestic living room (focus on side table beside window)
Ryan McVay

2. Help - That one word tells it all. Moms are overwhelmed, so maybe a cleaning service once or twice a month, maybe someone to come in and take care of a backload of laundry, maybe someone to come in and get the yards ready for the summer is help you can give your mom.

Help Wanted
Robyn Mackenzie

3. Drive to Tucson, eat In & Out - A day trip to just look around someplace new or, like in this case, to do something completely indulgent is a great gift. I love a particular Chinese restaurant in Ruidoso. Occasionally Darren and I will go up around 10 in the morning, eat lunch at noon, wander around for a few hours and then come home. It's fun and silly and might be just the thing your mom needs.

two happy women in a car
Mauricio Jordan de souza coelho

4. Sleep - The majority of women on these FB pages said they need sleep. I agree. There is nothing like a solid day of sleeping, waking up, rolling over, and falling back to sleep. Let your mom recharge her batteries. Get her a night at a nice hotel in town, maybe a massage at a spa, and a nice meal. She'll feel great and you'll be a hero!

beautiful woman sleeping and smiles in his sleep

Happy Mother's Day!

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