Imaging El Paso is going out of business, a victim of falling Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement payments. So, what’s next for patients of Imaging El Paso?

Imaging El Paso To Close

Imaging El Paso has been open for 10 years on the west side, and have 27 thousand patients who went to them for mammograms, ultrasounds and other medical diagnostic screenings. Owner Martha Vera says she can no longer afford to stay open because cuts in Medicaid and Medicare have reduced the reimbursements she gets per diagnostic test from $250 per digital mammogram in 2005 to the $97 she currently gets.

Vera will close Imaging El Paso on July 24th, and says she would love to see all her patients, new and old, one last time. If you are a patient at Imaging El Paso, you can pick up your chart before they close on July 24th, or arrange to have them sent to a new health center after that date.

You can contact Imaging El Paso at 545-2203.

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