You know that bra that is sitting in your drawer? The one you wore once and it didn't work for you? Well, it might work for someone else and we need it. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Mike and Tricia Mornings are going to kick it off with our 18th annual Pink Ribbon Week and the 2nd annual Bras Across Our Building event.

We're on a mission to collect as many bras as we can during the week of October 1 - 6. We will hang the donated bras from one end of our building to the other. It is a lighthearted, yet sincere attempt to bring awareness to the importance of annual mammograms.

Mike & Tricia's Bras across Our Building is also meant to support (pun intended!) those currently fighting the fight against breast cancer. We aren't just collecting bras, we will also be donating cash to a local organization that helps provide numerous no-cost or low-cost women’s health services like mammograms and clinical breast exams to El Paso woman with no or limited health insurance.

For the entire month of October, we will be pinking out the Townsquare of El Paso building by replacing the regular white lighting in the front of the building with pink lights so that we can "shine the light" on our "bras for a cause" 24/7.

If you have any gently used and/or no-longer-being-used bras, please drop them off at KISS-FM, 4180 N. Mesa, and help us bring awareness to the importance of annual mammograms.

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