Our beautiful city of El Paso, TX, has been featured in various pop culture movies and books, including these three music videos.

Over the decades, El Paso, TX, has been used as the backdrop to many movies and original dramas, including The Getaway (1972), starring Steve McQueen, and Ali MacGraw to Logan (2017) starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

Aside from appearing in movies, the city of El Paso has been featured in comic books and many music videos as well.

Most of these artists have a personal connection with the city of El Paso and chose to use their hometown as a visual representation in their music videos.

Three music videos feature El Paso, TX, and some of its most iconic locations, from Scenic Drive to the dive bar, Rosas Cantina, which is also the bar Marty Robbins sings about in his song El Paso. Although Marty Robbins never filmed a video for his song featuring the city of El Paso, the following artists did, including:

Khalid – Location

Since the release of his debut album American Teen, Khalid has gone on to incorporate the 915 in many of his music videos to this day. Khalid’s hometown El Paso was the designated Location where his debut album Teen Spirit was written and recorded. That is why the Sun City is centrally featured in his music video for Location.

Leon Bridges – Beyond

While Fort Worth native Leon Bridges is not from El Paso, his music video for Beyond features locations such as Scenic Drive, Rim Road, H&H Car Wash, and the world-famous bar Rosas Cantina.


Valerie Ponzio – Orale

El Paso native, Valerie Ponzio who was featured in The Voice back in 2017, debuted her music video for Orale featuring the city of El Paso as well as El Pasoan, and singer Elia Esparza, who also appeared in the 11th season of The Voice in 2016.

It’s also worthy to note that many local artists have featured El Paso in their music videos and we’ll share that list soon. In the meantime, if you’ve spotted the city of El Paso in any music videos, feel free to email me at monika@ksii.com.


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