El Pasoans may soon have access to more affordable dental care when the Hunt School of Dental Medicine and Texas Tech Dental Oral Health Clinic open in 2021.

This combination dental school and clinic will hold 130 chairs which will allow students the opportunity to get invaluable hand on experience.  In turn, the expectations are high that Texas Tech Dental Oral Health Clinic will quickly become among the top dental care providers.

A visit to the dentist can quickly turn into a major expense, even for those fortunate enough to have dental insurance to help defray some of the cost.  This new facility aims to not only provide quality services but to do so at a price that will make it more accessible to a large portion of the population in the area.  Clinic officials are hopeful that they’ll be able to provide services at half the cost of what would normally be paid.

For some El Paso families, a “quick” trip to Juarez has been a popular and preferable alternative to seeing a dentist in town simply due to financial considerations.  Even then, there are many who for whatever reason don’t have the option to cross over for more affordable medical care.

El Pasoans with special needs that require a more specialized form of dental services will also be accommodated whenever possible in an effort to ensure they get the care they need while the dental student is able to learn proper technique.

One thing to keep in mind is that this particular facility will be a teaching clinic and it is possible for some patients that don’t fit its teaching needs to seek dental care elsewhere.  From the sounds of it through, it seems like they’ll be looking to try and serve as many people as possible as opposed to looking for reasons to turn patients away.

A definitive date for the opening of the Texas Tech Dental Oral Health Clinic has not been provided but look for it to be operational around Summer of 2021 and will be located in South Central El Paso.

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