Halloween is the time for creepy stuff and you know how we love us the ghosteses here at KISS FM. We love to ghost hunt and hear stories about haunted El Paso places. There are a zillion haunted places in this town because there have been humans in this area for hundreds of years, and there are a lot of ghost walks that you can take in downtown El Paso and in Concordia Cemetery, but lots of people like to try and ghost hunt on their own. It's a lot of fun, but there are a few things you need to remember when you ghost-hunt:

1. Don't go where you don't have permission - Private homes, private cemeteries, and businesses may be haunted but you can't ghost hunt them without getting their permission. A few years ago a private cemetery was vandalized after it was reported to be haunted. If you can't get permission, leave it alone.

2. Only take who you need - If you get permission to ghost hunt a location, only take the people you need to help you. It makes it easier to keep track of if your ghost hunters made a noise or if a ghost did.

3. Keep a secret - If you get permission to ghost hunt a location, don't tell the world. It will keep the location from getting overrun with people who don't have permission to ghost hunt. When we ghost hunt for Mike and Tricia Ghost Hunt My Home we don't give out an address or do photos or video of the front of the location.

Happy ghost hunting.

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