Those traveling in west El Paso on Sunday should prepare for delays to and from that Father's Day celebration due to another Interstate 10 closure.

Crews will be removing barrier and striping I-10 pavement which will require closing sections of I-10 for 27 hours in both directions on Sunday. Yes, you read that correctly; both directions.

I-10 East will close completely between North Mesa and Executive Center beginning at 3 a.m. on June 16 to 6 a.m. Monday, June 17. I-10 West will close completely between Executive Center and Redd Road.

Those traveling on I-10 East will be detoured onto North Mesa, take Mesa all the way to Executive to jump back onto the 10.

Motorists on I-10 West will be detoured at Executive Center and will have to take Executive Center to North Mesa, then take Mesa aaaaalllll the waaaaayyy to I-10 to re-enter I-10 West using the Redd Road entrance ramp.


• The westbound and eastbound CD lanes will close at the Sunland Park exit ramps.
• The Resler flyover entrance ramp to I-10 East will close.
• All Sunland Park entrance ramps to I-10 West and to I-10 East will close.
• Paisano Drive in front of the auto dealerships will close at Sunland Park Drive.
• Crockett Street access to Paisano will close.
• Both westbound US 85 overpasses, which lead to the Sunland Park area, will close at McNutt Road.
• The eastbound-to-westbound turnaround bridge at the Sunland Park Drive overpass will close.
• The Schuster/UTEP entrance ramp to I-10 West will close.
• The North Mesa entrance ramp to I-10 East will close.

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