A flying saucer has landed at La Union Maze and an alien invasion is eminent.

Although the popular fall attraction is still weeks away from opening, we know what the 12-acre corn field maze looks like this year. The farm revealed the 2022 corn maze design, and they’re going with a UFO theme.

The A-Maze-ing Design

Along with an adorable looking extraterrestrial, the out of this world maze also features a flying saucer that appears to be kidnapping one of the farm’s cows – presumably for mutilation purposes.

As fun as the time-honored fall tradition of navigating your way through a maze of corn stalks is, you don't really get the full awesomeness of the design while you’re on your winding adventure.

You have to scope it out from above. The image below not only gives you get a great perspective on how much work and planning went into creating the corn maze, you realize how just easy it is to get lost in one.

La Union Maze
La Union Maze

Other Encounters

For those who don’t appreciate a real-life puzzle of twists, turns, and dead ends, La Union also offers many other activities.

A flower maze, slides, jumping pillows, and cow train rides are some of the other activities the kids will be able to do. And this year along with the 18-acre pumpkin patch, visitors can also pick their own tomatoes, watermelons, and flowers.

The farm is currently being prepped for its opening, but count on wandering among the corridors of corn stalks September 24 through November 6, 2022. Try not to get lost. Or abducted. Cue The X-Files theme.

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