2019 Southwest University Drone Competition

On April 27th, we crowned a winner for our 'Game of Drones' aka 2019 Southwest Drone Competition. It was an intense fight of flight as high school students competed for points as they attempted to conquer each obstacle thrown at them. From maneuvering drones through hoops and landing them on tiny bases, these students proved to be skilled with a drone.

We want to extend our thank you to everyone who made the 2019 Southwest Drone Competition possible including our sponsors, YISD, Western Tech, TFCU, CREEED, and Johnson Jewelers. A very special thank you goes out to the teachers and students who participated in the competition, which you can see in the slideshow below:

2019 Southwest Drone Competition Sponsors

We are looking forward to the future of these talented students, along with what is to come with the next 2019 Southwest Drone Competition.

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