The El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association is proud to announce its very own Cops Helping Kids Event. The association will be helping out disadvantage kids by uniting them with a member of the Association for a shopping spree!

This event will take place at Target, which is located on 801 Sunland Park Dr. in El Paso on Saturday, December 15th. Specific children from less fortunate families will be selected from the E.P.I.S.D and Y.I.S.D. school district. Each child will be eligible to receive a pair of shoes, a new jacket, several winter outfits and a couple of toys for the holidays.

Their goal is to spend $200 on each child and help out 200 children. The past events have been a tremendous success by helping thousands of underprivileged children in our area, with much needed school supplies, clothing and shoes.

The El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association strongly believes that they are making a difference in the lives of numerous children and families in El Paso and the surrounding  area.


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