The 1966 Texas Western basketball team which won the National Championship and more importantly hastened the integration of college athletics can call themselves Hall of Famers once again as they have been announced as 2020 inductees of the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

This announcement marks the second hall of fame induction for this historic team as they were also inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame back in 2007.

It’s nice to see this source of pride for the city continue to get recognized not only for the amazing basketball they played but for their positive impact on the civil rights movement.  Great teams come and go, and many are forgotten after a few years.

It’s not often that a team that wasn’t a multi-national championship winning dynasty stays so embedded in the minds and hearts of the nation.  That this team is still being nationally recognized well over 50 years later indicates that it will be quite a while still before the memory of what they accomplished begins to fade.

Take a bow gentleman, you deserve it.

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