Are you guilty of binge watching in public? I am not just talking about watching Netflix in the car, at work or even while walking on the street. It's crazy the places people will start a binge watch, according to a study conducted by Netflix.

The movie streaming company recently shared the data from the study of 37,000 Netflix subscribers across 22 countries. Researchers found 67% of users have downloaded content to watch on the go. Unfortunately, 12% of those people use Netflix on the public toilet. Expanding on the numbers, this means the 109 million subscribers equals 67%, so that 12% equals 13 million people stuck on the toilet.

Don't get me wrong,I can't judge what or why someone does these things. I can be grossed out, because who wants to really spend more time in a public restroom just to catch up on a show? I get watching an episode or two at work, or even in your own bathroom, but not public. Rats won't even stay in public restrooms more than five minutes. That's just an educated guess, not scientifically proven.

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