12 Dates of Christmas is a made for TV movie starring Amy Smart (Kate) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Miles)...that’s Zack from Saved By The Bell. Originally the films premiered on ABC Family in 2011 and lucky for us it’s on Hulu right now! As part of ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas programming block the movie is about a woman played by Amy Smart who is spritz in the face by a perfume saleswoman at a department store thus igniting and magic spell where she’s then forced to repeat the same day for 12 days consecutively. Amy Smart’s character is supposed to go on a blind date where she would meet with Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s character but she is still caught up on her ex-boyfriend. As the story progresses, Kate finds that her ex boyfriend is already shacked up with a new woman and he is going to propose. Kate finds that her holding onto a ship that has already sailed is futile and throughout the 12 days repeating over and over gets to know and understand Miles who is a widower with a soft heart.

12 Dates of Christmas is what some would call a “typical” holiday movie with a romance tied into it and I believe it to be perfect for getting you into the holiday spirit. If you enjoy classic holiday films like The Holiday or Love Actually, then give this one a chance! The film is easy to watch because of the recognizable actors but you’ll know within the first few minutes if it’s your cup of tea! Enjoy!

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