Arrival is a science fiction film about humans first contact with the extraterrestrial. The movie stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. A rock-type of object sets up shop in Montana and other mysterious spacecrafts are noted across the globe. Louise Banks played by Adams is a professional language interpreter who leads the journey is communicating with alien after teams across other countries attempt to discover the visitors’ purpose. At one point Banks learns that another country is trying to teach the aliens a game and she expressed her discontent in teaching a foreigner, human or not the concept of opposition, war and defeat. Banks experiences what she believes to be hallucinations and she gets more and more frightened of a stand off when the aliens reply “weapon” during one of their encounters and the Chinese government takes it as a threat. Banks goes on to understand that the visitors were there to offer a weapon and when their language was understood, humans could peak into the past and future. Louise has to offer confidential information in the form of being able to see beyond the human eye to the Chinese government for them to cease fire for one of the suspenseful films I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in a very long time. Lucky for us; it’s on Netflix right now! Enjoy the movie and watch the trailer below.


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