An 11-year-old girl was assaulted by a man in an apartment complex laundry room this weekend.

The girl was in the laundry room around 7:30 Sunday night when 36 year old Josh Olivas allegedly approached her, made crude commends and deviant advances and then grabbed and kissed the girl's hand.

EPPD was called to the Village Vista Apartments on the 10500 block of Montwood Drive on reports of a disturbance call and arrested Olivas. He is charged with Class C Assault and possession of a controlled substance after meth was allegedly found on him during the police investigation.

Police investigators are now looking for anyone else who might have been approached by Olivas. If you or your child had a similar incident with Olivas, you are asked to call EPPD at (915) 212-4652.

There is no word on where the child's parents were at the time of the incident.

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