Everything is bigger in Texas; including our trucks. In the world of monster trucks, we've seen plenty of drivers smash cars & fly high in their gigantic machines. But which ones were born in Texas?

Tristan England: Born in Paris, Tristan's currently active driving the monster truck Earth Shaker. Since 2015, he's won at least 3 championships in Monster Jam (for now) including the 2017 Double Down Championship.

Linsey Reed: Speaking of active Monster Jam champions, Linsey Reed is a proud El Pasoan with 2 championships to her name; both of which she won in 2019: The Double Down Championship & the World Finals Freestyle Championship. She became one of the few women monster trucks drivers to win a championship at the World Finals.

Pablo Huffaker: Tomball's Pablo Huffaker might be retired now, but he gave us some amazing memories driving trucks like Grave Digger, Black Smith, Captain's Curse among many others. He won the 2007 Monster Jam World Finals freestyle champion & the 2018 Monster Jam Lifetime Achievement Award for his 30 year racing career.

Lupe Soza: Banquette's Lupe Soza was one of the first champions in Monster Jam (and one of the most popular Hispanic drivers as well); he came the freestyle champion during the 2004 World Finals 5. While he hasn't joined the Monster Jam Hall of Fame, he's become one of the most respected drivers out there.

Ron Nelson: Growing up in the 90s, I remember seeing a giant purple & green monster truck but it wasn't Grave Digger. This truck was Bustin' Loose driven by Conroe TX's Ron Nelson. While he wasn't the flashiest driver, he certainly gave the crowd a show every time & his still currently driving.

Scott Stephens: Any old school monster truck fan would remember Scott as being the driver of King Krunch. Born in Montgomery County (The Woodlands), Scott would race from 1982-2001 & join the Monster Truck Hall Of Fame in 2013.

Colt Stephens: The son of Scott, Houston's Colt Stephens, would follow in his dad's footsteps in becoming a monster truck driver & has been since 2014. Currently he became a color commentator in 2021 but that doesn't mean he won't get behind the wheel if he wants.

David Smith: After Scott stopped driving the King Krunch monster truck, David Smith from Spring would drive the truck until 2010. He would make appearances during the World Finals from 2004-2009; giving us some great freestyle runs.

Larry Cook: One of the original monster trucks back in the day was called Texas Toy owned by Larry Cook from Corpus Cristi. He would own the truck until 2019 where he would sell it. Today the Texas Toy monster truck has a new owner, Rocky Rhode, and they've been posting videos of the truck restored, and back in its heyday, on their YouTube page.

Jeff Dane: Out of Kileen, Jeff Dane drove the iconic monster truck in the 80s & 90s called King Kong. If you remember watching old school monster truck racing, you might remember this iconic crash; the one where he destroyed a police car.

However that's not just the legacy of King Kong. Thanks to YouTube, you can see many other times Jeff has had with his truck.

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