As video games become more popular, you're bound to hear artists you either know, or you get exposed to new music that you'll like. I wrote about a couple of Texas bands that made video game soundtracks amazing. You can see part one right HERE. But as expected, I missed a couple of let's change that shall we?

Let's start with a band that El Paso is familiar with...

Sparta: Fans of Jim Ward definitely know who Sparta is. And they DID appear on a video game; Madden NFL 07. Although on the game the song is called "Future Needs", We know that song is ACTUALLY called: Taking Back Control.

The Riverboat Gamblers:

The Denton/Austin punk rockers would also appear on Madden NFL 07 (On Again Off Again). But they would also appear on:

  • Hey! Hey! Hey! - Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
  • True Crime - ATV Offroad Fury 4 & FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage
  • Uh Oh! - Skate 2
  • Blue Ghosts - Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012)
  • Robots Make Break Your Heart - Rock Band 4 (as DLC)

And there's another song I personally remember: "Don't Bury Me...I'm Still Not Dead" that was on Rock Band 3.

Element Eighty:

Anyone who played Need For Speed: Underground might have heard of the short lived Tyler, TX band Element Eighty & their song Broken Promises. The song only appeared during the races but once you hear it, you'll remember...


After the passing of Dimebag Darrell, the supergroup Hellyeah would be formed in Dallas & they've appeared on a few games:

  • Welcome Home appeared on Rock band 4 as DLC
  • You Wouldn't KnowMadden NFL 08 & WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008

The Fabulous Thunderbirds:

The Austin blues rock band known for Tuff Enuff? Yup they appeared on a video game: NHL Rivals 2004. And yes... it was Tuff Enuff that appeared on the video game.

Seventh Day Slumber:

Remember when Guitar Hero was extremely popular & so many spin off games came out during that time? Well Guitar Praise (the Christian version of Guitar Hero) would include the Dallas christian rock band Seventh Day Slumber with their song Awake.

Los Lonely Boys:

The San Angelo "Texican Rock N Roll Band" scored a huge hit in 2004 with Heaven. You might have seen it on Guitar Hero: On Tour or Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol. I bet you don't even NEED to hear the song to have it playing in your head. It's a beautiful song and for that... I do NOT apologize if it's stuck in your head.

Explosions In The Sky:

The Midland/Austin post rock band were a fairly underground band. But they've had success with recording 7 albums & 5 soundtrack albums. Also if you've play Major League Baseball 2K12, you'd probably remember their song Trembling Hands.

The Union Underground:

Old school WWE fans would remember The Union Underground as having one of the old themes for RAW between 2002-2006. That would also include being used in the WWE Raw 2 (Ruthless Aggression) & WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth video games.

The San Antonio nu metal band would also include a pre-Disturbed (and El Pasoan) John Moyer. They only had one major label album but the song we all know is Across the Nation...

Drowning Pool:

I know... how could I forget about Dallas's Drowning Pool?? Wrapping up this list is one of the loudest nu metal bands from Texas & yes they've definitely been on a couple of video games:

  • Follow - Jeremy McGrath Supercross World
  • Sinner - NHL Hitz 2003
  • Step Up - NFL Street 2, Gretzky NHL 2005
  • Feel Like I Do - Saints Row: The Third
  • WWE Wrestlemania X8 would include Tear Away & a cover of Triple H's theme song called The Game (originally done by Motorhead).
  • and of course Bodies has appeared on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock & Operation Flashpoint: Red River.

I'm sure I probably missed a few others but for now, let's hope MORE Texas bands will be included in future video games as time goes on.

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