What would the Internet be without the creation of memes? A boring place we go for information, thank goodness for funny memes! here are the top 10 Internet memes we can't live without.

I never really understood the Dragon ball Z meme until now, pretty funny and now I will have to start using it. Especially when I feel the need for anything "over 9,000". Now one that has to be one of my favorites to see and make is condescending Wonka.

Meme Maker:Patty Campos

See what I did there? Some others mentions were the Futurama meme, the ever so popular "One Does not Simply", Hitler, the epic fail meme and of course we can't forget Bad luck Brian. Well maybe we should and allow him to live up to his name.

Meme maker: Patty Campos

Cats are huge on the Internet now and I can never figure out why. They are pretty hilarious looking. Some honorable mentions in famous Internet memes are, Overly attached girlfriend and the number one on this list, Rick roll. The Internet is just going to keep getting better.