Fellas, let's talk turkey here.  You guys dig doing the gig, as in the giggity, but you aren't so sure you want to do the cuddling afterward.  But you might change your mind after you meet Jackie Samuel!

Cute, petite, and ready to snuggle - for a price - Jackie Samuel is at the forefront of what could be a whole new industry that men will say is totally innocent, but will probably have women saying, psssht, yeah, innocent my brass.

Jackie is a cuddler, that is, she will cuddle with you for the bargain price of $60 an hour.  Her business, The Snuggery, is based in Penfield, NY, and it seems to be a one of a kind venture.  Jackie said she found out just how unique her business is when she tried to get a licence for snuggling.

There is no such thing, amazingly enough!

So Jackie just goes about her business of paid, but unlicensed, snuggling in a room in her home, with other people in the house for security reasons.  Her clients - another shock here - have so far all been men, but ladies, this wide-eyed cutie patootie is just as willing to snuggle with you as well!

Feeling unloved and in need of a little cuddle to put you back on track?  Check out all the details about Jackie, The Snuggery, and, well, let the "But babe, it was just snuggling!" wars begin!