A Florida woman who wasn't allowed on a plane with her puppy reportedly drowned the puppy in an airport bathroom.

56-year-old Cynthia Anderson was visiting her parents in Nebraska last week, and wanted to take three doberman puppies and two small dogs home with her to Florida, but when she got to the Central Nebraska Regional Airport in Grand Island, Nebraska, they told her she couldn't board with the puppies because dogs younger than eight weeks old are not allowed to fly.

Her parents took two of the puppies’ home, and the next day police say Anderson tried to board the flight with the two older dogs in crates and the remaining puppy hidden in her carry-on. Her plan to smuggle the puppy on board did not work, however, and that’s when, according to the police report, Anderson went into the airport bathroom and drowned the pup.

She was arrested for felony animal cruelty and is still in jail. The two older dogs are now with her parents, while the local Humane Society has taken possession of the surviving puppies.