The rumor that Whole Foods wants to expand into El Paso just won’t die. The latest talk has it being built in West El Paso with an official announcement being made on Tuesday, November 4th. According to the El Paso Inc. weekly newspaper, “knowledgeable sources” tell them the high-end, organic grocer plans to build a new store “across North Mesa Street from Coronado High School.” Word is the company will make it official tomorrow.

When rumors first surfaced in June of 2013, I reached out to their PR and Marketing department and was told via e-mail the company did not have “any specific information on a new store opening in El Paso” at the time.” The reply went on to say that new store openings “are announced four times per year on our quarterly earnings calls." Well, guess what November 4 happens to be? The day before Whole Foods announces its latest quarterly earnings!

Of course, this could all be nothing more than another rumor. We'll know for sure one way or another by the end of day tomorrow.