Hi, I'm Mike and I'm a salsa-holic. I love chips and salsa so much if a sit-down restaurant has a fabulous salsa and chips combo, I’ll be back, even if the food is so-so. So I guess it’s my good luck that my career brought me to El Paso. I mean what better town for someone with a chips and salsa addiction to live in, what with a Mexican food restaurant in practically every corner -- many of which take their chips and salsa seriously.

Personally, I like my salsa spicy but not overly hot, and my chips thick, homemade and not too salted; which is why I love to get my dip on at The Riviera on Doniphan (Salsa De la Casa) and L & J’s Café (the green salsa not the red).

How about you? Which restaurant do you think has the best chips and salsa combo in El Paso? Key word “restaurant” – that means your, your mother’s or your grandmother’s homemade salsa, as good as I’m sure it is, doesn’t count! Let me know in the “leave a comment” box below.

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