I'm dreeeeeming of a chaw-co-lit buneeeeee!

This time of year you run into chocolate bunnies everywhere!  They're at gas stations - sad, dusty little bunnies missing a candy eye, looking like they've spent the last 12 months in a box at the back of the store manager's office - and at department stores that don't hesitate to charge you 12 bucks for a little chocolate luuuuv.  There is even a recipe for a Chocolate Easter Bunny-tini!

But the lovely folks at Epicurious, a magazine for serious foodies, decided to find out which chocolate Easter bunnies taste best.

How do I get a job at Epicurious?

Anyway, check out the details about which Easter bunny should be smiling back at your kids Easter Sunday, and then get out and get one before they all go back into that box in the back of the store manager's office.

P.S.  Just for the record, I agree with the top bunny pick - which chocolate Easter bunny do you like best?