When most of us hear the word ratchet we think of a hand tool such as a socket wrench, but in the pop culture world where new slang terms are created all the time it means something entirely different. But is it a compliment or an insult? Here's what I've found out.

Ratchet is actually a mispronunciation of "wretched" and can used to describe anything that’s messy or sloppy, or a chick who is nasty and ghetto but thinks she's all that -- but unfortunately, she couldn't be more wrong.

On the other hand, being ratchet can be a positive thing too when used in the first person. You can say "I'm ratchet" to emphasize how real you keep things. In other words, ‘I’m ghetto and I know it. I am what I am but it doesn't make me any less fierce.'

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