I may only just be a new El Pasoan but I have been coming here my whole life from Las Cruces and have been at the radio station going on 4 great years. There are definitely some slang words that only El Paso people recognize.

Some of these words I came across I learned about them after I became a frequent visitor to El Paso, like the names for parts of the city and the streets. Borderplex was a new one to me, metroplex reminds me of the Dallas area and hearing Borderplex threw a new meaning to me being so close to Mexico.

Sometimes places can also give new meaning to words, like "the Canyon". I thought it was just a canyon in the geological sense but that's not all it is. it is a great amphitheater that plays some great shows and concerts to El Pasoans.

Being so close to another country, definetely makes El Paso more interesting. I never heard of "Juarittos" until I hung around the locals more, which is just slang for Juarez. And last but not least I finally figured out that "Fronchi" is referring to someone from Chihuahua. Those license plates are all over that say "Front Chihuahua" meaning a Chihuahuan resident. El Paso is unique and a great city to live in.