Practice putting your little finger to the corner of your mouth and busting out your evil laugh. You might get a chance to try it out on Verne Troyer this weekend.

The actor who played Mini-Me in all the Austin Powers movies will be making an appearance at the Sun City SciFi Fan Expo this Saturday, October 17, at the Camino Real Hotel. Besides his role as Mini-Me and reality TV appearances, Troyer is notable for his height. At 2 ft., 8 in., he is considered one of the shortest men in the world.

The two day event billed as a "convention by fans and for fans" will also feature memorabilia vendors, Q&A panels, and other celebrity guests, including "Star Trek" actress Nichelle Nichols, and Karan Ashley, known mostly for her role as Yellow Power Ranger Aisha Campbell.

Ticket info and other details can be found on the Sun City SciFi website.