This could be the usual blog about a crime that was committed in El Paso, but it's not. Seriously, guys? You guys are 19 and 20-years-old, and you're probably looking at major jail time for a major crime.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jesus Terrazas and Cristobal Escajeda earlier this week for stealing 13 thousand dollars from an ATM in Don Pancho’s grocery store in Tornillo. Terrazas and Escajeda busted into the store through a wall, stole some calling cards, cigarettes, rolling papers, went to work on the store's ATM, and then took off with their loot.

A perfect storm of surveillance footage, customer transactions and an earlier criminal investigation, helped deputies nab Terrazas and Escajeda who confessed to the crime.

The good news for the store is all the money was recovered. The bad news for Jesus and Cristobal is they are going to probably do some serious time. They stole 13 thousand dollars, and now their lives are ruined.

No more hanging with friends. No more partying. No more making fast food runs. No more freedom.

Just a couple of knuckleheads sitting around one day thinking, hey, why don't we break into a store and steal other people's stuff? What could go wrong? They're about to find out. I'm not excusing their behavior, I just wish these kinds of stories didn't keep happening over and over again.

Stupid kids.