You know, it's not easy being a morning show radio personality - there's a lot involved....


You have to get up realllllllly early in the morning (and you know how bad sleep deprivation is for you), drink your weight in coffee (which isn't easy when you are as candy-coated as Mike and I are!), and surf the web endlessly for show content (which leads to a ruined manicure - oh, the horror!).  But we slog along because we love our listeners.



And every once in a while, something happens that makes all our hard work worthwhile.  A listener, Oscar, called us this morning and said he really appreciates us and loves our show, and he had some goodies for us.  I'll say he had some goodies! 

tricia martinez - not, that's not me! I took the pic!

 They were as delicious as they look!  And really, you can't go wrong with chocolate dipped, cream-filled, donuts!  So thanks, Oscar!  We really love you, too!