THE AL-QAEDA COSMO ...This sounds like one of those phony news stories, but I promise you this is for real: Al-Qaeda has launched a magazine for women that's being described as "Cosmo" for the lady jihadist. 

The debut issue of "Al-Shamikha" - which translates to "The Majestic Woman" -features a glossy purple and pink cover with a machine gun. Inside are exclusive interviews with the wives of martyrs who gush about their husbands' decision to become suicide bombers, an advice column for single ladies on "how to marry a mujahideen”, which is a Muslim who fights as part of a jihad ...

A health column that recommends women not towel themselves off too forcefully, and a beauty column that tells women the best way to keep a clear complexion is to STAY INDOORS with their faces covered.

REAL MAN OF GENIUS ...22-year-old Adam Yarbrough of Indianapolis was pulled over for speeding on his moped. If that's not ridiculous enough, he then went on to offer the female cop five dollars to get out of the ticket. She declined. And that’s when Adam turned on the charm.

He told the cop, and I quote, "OK, if you won't take the money how about I give you a kiss, and well, I haven't had sex in a while so how about we do that, and then we can just forget the ticket and you just let me go?"

That DID get the female cop to stop writing the ticket . . . so she could arrest Adam for FELONY BRIBERY. After she did that, he kept making sexual remarks and screaming curse words, so disorderly conduct charges were added on, as well.