AS HEARD ON MIKE AND TRICIA MORNINGS - THE AGE YOU'RE TOO OLD TO WEAR CERTAIN THINGS:  The company Diet Chef asked women between the ages of 18 and 65 at what age they felt they were too old to wear certain things like bikinis, miniskirts, leggings, or a pony tail.  They then averaged the responses to create this guide to when you're too old for different fashions . . .

--Bikini.  You're too old at age 47.
--Miniskirt.  35.
--Tube top.  33.
--Stilettos.  51.
--Belly button ring.  35.
--Knee-high boots.  47.
--Leather pants.  34.
--Leggings.  45.
--UGG boots.  45.
--See-through blouse.  40.
--One-piece bathing suit.  61.

The ladies were also asked about certain hair styles. Most thought fifty three was the cut off age for long hair -- no pun intended -- and fifty one was the age no self respecting woman should go out in public in a ponytail.

Overall, twenty percent of all respondents felt you should wear whatever you want regardless of age if you know you can pull it off, but two thirds believe you should know when to say when and grow old gracefully.

OK, WE'RE AXING:  What's your stance on ageing and fashion? If you've got it, flaunt it? Dress your age? I wear what I wear and I dont care what anyone else thinks ?

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