SYLVESTER STALLONE ACCUSED OF HURLING RACIAL SLUR AT PAPARAZZI: Alec Baldwin wasn't the only celeb accused of throwing around slurs at the paparazzi last week.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

SYLVESTER STALLONE was leaving a restaurant in L.A. the other day when he allegedly called a paparazzi cameraman the N-WORD. According to TMZ, who obtained video of the incident, as Stallone was leaving the establishment he looked over his shoulder at the paps and hurled what the gossip blog claims is a racial slur. A few moments later, a female photographer is heard asking, "Why the racial slurs?"

Stallone's rep is denying the N-word was dropped. He claims Sly called the person an [eff]ing idiot, and that the woman is claiming his client uttered the slur to get more money for the video. He adds that the woman's question in the video was used by TMZ to lend credence to the accusation. The video's sound quality isn't great so it's hard to confirm exactly what Stallone said. We Report, You Decide!

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ALEC BALDWIN LOSES TALK SHOW, HAS MORE PAPARAZZI RUN INS: ALEC BALDWIN had his MSNBC show suspended, and three angry run-ins with the paparazzi on Friday. On the upside, he didn't use a single homophobic slur.

In one incident he was surrounded by the paparazzi outside his apartment as he and his wife Hilaria were trying to get into their car.  Hilaria pointed out a female reporter who she claimed had almost hit her, so Alec got all up in her grill. In another incident, he actually shoved a guy then knocked his camera out of his hand. He also got into an exchange with a reporter who was trying to question him as he was walking into his apartment. Meanwhile, MSNBC has suspended Alec's show while all this insanity gets sorted out.  There's no word if or when it'll be back on the air.

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BIEBER'S A BAD NEIGHBOR: Evidently, it doesn't matter which America JUSTIN BIEBER is in, he'll find a way to get in trouble. The Bieb is back in the U.S of A after weeks on the road in Latin America and reportedly celebrated by throwing a wild party Friday at his Calabasas, California home for 100 of his pals including Snoop Lion.

It wasn't long before the neighbors threw a fit, calling the police three times. When deputies came out a third time, around 5:30 a.m., his next-door neighbor, whom the singer allegedly spit on during a confrontation earlier this year, filed a police report against Justin for disturbing the peace. 

Bieber later told TMZ his rager was straight out of The Great Gatsby. But we may never know any specifics because the site is reporting he had guests and workers sign a confidentiality agreement "in which they agreed not to tweet, text, phone, Facebook, record, write or in any other manner spill the beans on what went on inside" or face a $3 million suit.

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