COKE, BUT NO SMILE ... A Connecticut man wound up behind bars after calling police to complain that he'd been ripped off -- by his cocaine dealer! Antonio Recinos dialed 911 to complain he'd given the salesman 40 bucks for a bag of coke, and got short-changed big time. 

But that wasn't enough for the Genius. He then followed up by finding a cop on his street beat, showed him the bag and repeaedt his grievance.

 Not surprisingly, Recinos ended up in cuffs, charged with narcotics possession.

REAL (WO)MAN OF GENIUS ... Police in Denver recently reported to the scene of an accident caused by a drunk driver and while working the scene, they blocked off an intersection, which backed up traffic.

 One of the people caught in traffic mess that ensued was 49-year-old Katherine Morse of Westminster, Colorado, and she wasn’t happy. When she finally got through the jam and drove past the crash scene, she rolled down her window and YELLED at the cops for, quote, "choosing a stupid place to conduct a traffic stop."

 The cop who approached Katherine's car, could smell alcohol on her, so he had her pull her car over and gave her a roadside sobriety test that she, of course, FAILED.