SPECIAL DELIVERY ... A postal carrier in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin was arrested after delivering the mail to a woman on his route totally nude.

The 52-year old mail carrier said the woman seemed stressed out and so he joked with her about delivering the mail naked to get her to loosen up a bit. When she dared him to do it, he took it as a sign of complicity and showed up the next day butt nekked! It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘junk mail', no?

His antics did not relax nor amuse the woman, who had him arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior. I don’t know why she would have him arrested. I mean, if she dared him to do it then she should have expected he'd bring her a package! Ha! Aw man, I kill me.

INMATE CONVINCES PRISON OFFICIALS MADE UP HOLIDAY IS REAL ... Remember the "Seinfeld" episode about George and his family celebrating a made-up holiday they called FESTIVUS?

Well, Malcolm King did too and used that made up holiday to get served better meals at the Theo Lacy jail in Santa Ana, California, where's he's currently doing time on some drug charges. Malcolm, you see, hated the salami sammiches the jail kept serving, so he told prison officials he couldn't eat salami because it's against his Festivus beliefs.

Clearly, no one on the prison staff was familiar with the "Seinfeld" episode because they served him KOSHER MEALS for almost TWO MONTHS before someone finally caught on that Festivus is not an actual religion.

'DISRESPECTED' EMPLOYEE RIPS CUSTOMER'S WEAVE OUT ... Rictoria Bethea - a Wendy's drive thru employee in Lehigh Acres, Florida,was working the drive thru window recenlty when Chloe Glover rolled up to place her order.

Rictoria was having trouble hearing her and kept asking her to speak up, which led to Chloe YELLING her order and Rictoria getting p***ed. "There's no need to disrespect me," Rictoria responded, "because I will go out there and kick your ass."

Chloe's attitude was like, 'bring it', so Rictoria did. She threw down her headset, reached into Chloe's car and RIPPED OUT HER WEAVE!!! She's been charged with occupied burglary with battery.