HUSBAND STABBED OVER "THE CLOSER" ... 61-year-old Deloris Holley of St. Petersburg, Florida STABBED her husband of five months over what to watch on TV recently.

Monday nights,Deloris likes to watch the KYRA SEDGWICK show "The Closer" on TNT, and David is usually cool about it, but this week, David wanted to watch the "Monday Night Football" game between the Patriots and the Jets and wouldn't give Deloris the remote to change the channel.

The arguing eventually escaleted to Deloris grabbing a steak knife and stabbing David SEVEN TIMES. David was hospitalized, but he's going to pull through. Deloris was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

For what it's worth, TNT replays "The Closer" later that night. Here's Deloris' mug shot...
BANK ROBBERS ARREST WHILE GOOGLING ... After about a month of talking about it, friends Brittney and Emma robbed a bank and managed to get away with $1,370. But what they didn't realize was that the teller had slipped a GPS tracker in the bag.

Afer getting home and dumping out the cash, they saw the tracker and freaked. At first they thought it was a dye bomb, so Brittney threw it against the wall, hoping it would explode. It didn't. So Emma tried stomping on it. That didn't work either.

Finally, they decided to Google the brand name on the tracking device to figure out what it was. Meanwhile, Brittney wanted it out of the house, so she ran outside and, for some reason, hid it under a floor mat in her car.
By the time the girls had finished researching the device, the cops had already started tracking it and arrived at Brittney's house to arrest them both on federal bank robbery charges.