EL PASOAN IS HUMAN WEEDEATER ...When Richard Parker was pulled over on North Stanton for a broken brake light by El Paso's finest the other day, the officer noticed the strong smell of marijuana coming from inside the car.

Upon approaching said vehicle, he noticed Parker hurriedly chewing something,and asked him about it. Parker replied, “I ate some weed, you know dawg.” He refused to spit out the marijuana, and was placed under arrest by the EPPD officer for tampering with evidence.

FAILED SOBRIETY TEST IS A YOUTUBE HIT ...Ohioan Nancy Bodo was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving this past weekend, and now the dash cam video of her sobriety test is a YouTube hit ...

FORGERER FORGES DOCTORS NOTE ...Back in January, 41-year-old Michelle Elaine Astumian of San Luis Obispo, California was convicted of forging drug prescriptions and paying for those prescriptions using a forged check, and was looking at almost five years in prison.

She was due to be sentenced on Monday, but Michelle showed up asking the judge to delay it for health reasons and gave him a doctor's note. As soon as she pulled it out, the prosecutor called the doctor on the note, who proceeded to tell him it was a forgery!!!

About that point Michelle collapsed onto the floor of the courtroom and was taken to a hospital to be checked out. So it looks like her sentencing WILL be delayed -- for a few days. But now she's also looking at a new forgery charge, as well.