GOOD SAMARITAN FORCES PURSE SNATCHER TO CALL 9-1-1 ON HIMSELF ...18-year-old Cody Bragg of Alliance, Ohio is living proof not everyone is cut out to be a criminal genius.

Cody recently drove up next to a woman loading groceries into her car in the parking lot of his local Wal-Mart and snatched her purse before peeling off. As luck would have it, though, a snowplow driver who was in the parking lot and saw it all go down decided he wasn't going to let Cody get away. The snowplow driver started following him in his snow plow for 21 miles!

That’s when the would-be criminal genius became a Real Man of Genius. Cody called 911 and inadvertently busted himself out when he told the operator, quote, "There's a guy in a snowplow and he's following me and he's scaring me."

When the cops pulled the snowplow driver over, he explained why he was following Cody. They tracked Cody down at his house a few hours later and arrested him for the purse snatching.

MEN ROBBED BECAUSE GUARD DOG BUSY TRYING TO GET BUSY ... Edward Smith of Cortez, Florida has a pit bull named Zeus who he'd trained as a guard dog. Zeus and all his training would’ve really come in handy over the weekend after someone broke into Edward’s house and stole his and a friend’s wallet at gunpoint.  But Zeus wasn't there to save the day because, as Edward put it, "He was down the road, trying to get his groove on" with a female dog. Police are still searching for the robber. No word on whether Zeus was luckier than Edward.

MUST-SEE MUGSHOT: 55-year-old Patrick Bencher of Dearborn, Michigan was arrested for fondling himself in public.  Too bad they couldn't charge  his toupee with something, cuz, quite frankly it's a real crime ...

SMART PHONE, STUPID MAN ... Police in Maryland say some “sheer luck” and equal dose of “sheer stupidity” helped them catch Cody Wilkins of Silver Spring, Maryland. Cody, they came to find out, was responsible for more than FIFTY home break-ins and burglaries since November of last year.

Cody would break in when the homes were empty, steal jewelry or electronics, and get out without leaving so much as a trace. The cops everything to find the responsible party: forensic testing, tracking footprints, analyzing his pattern -- all to no avail.

Then, finally, last week, Cody messed up. When he broke into a house in Silver Spring, he brought his CELL PHONE CHARGER with him and plugged it in to get a little juice while he robbed the place. That was the “sheer stupidity” part. The “sheer luck” part happened after the homeowner's son got home forcing Cody to jump out of a window and bounce. When he ran, he forgot the cell phone he was charging. The police used it to easily track him down.

CRACKHEAD GRANNY ... Here's more proof that CRACK DON'T SMOKE ITSELF. A 61 - yes, 61 year old woman was in her apartment in Seattle, Washington, and around 3:45 P.M., she decided she was going to smoke herself some crack. She filled up her crackpipe before realizing she didn't have a lighter. So she grabbed a chopstick, lit it on fire using the stove, and tried to use it to light the crackpipe.

It didn't work so she dropped the LIT chopstick on her couch and went to a neighbor's apartment to borrow a lighter. Long story short, firefighters were able to put out the fire before it could spread to other apartments, but not before it did more than $30,000 in damage to the crackhead's apartment.