FAKE COPS BUSTED FOR REAL ... Glenn Hooper of Orange County, Florida and his older brother, Gregory took their fake copping seriously. They both owned Ford Crown Victorias. Both cars were outfitted with lights and sirens and spotlights. And each car had handcuffs dangling inside, and microphones to talk to other drivers.

But their driving around, pulling people over act blew up in their faces this week when Glenn tried to pull someone over who got suspicious and called the real police. When the real cops showed up, Glenn tried to tell them he worked for the Seminole County Sheriff's Office. No, the cops said, WE work for the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

 Wait, it gets better ...

While the real police was arresting him, his brother Gregory rolled up in HIS fake cop car with the siren blaring. You see Gregory was planning to pretend he was a cop and help out his brother, not realizing Glenn was the one being arrested. Both are now facing third-degree felony charges.

BUSTED BY THE DOG ...  Joel Dobrin of San Diego, California was driving his pickup truck in Oregon when a sheriff's deputy hit the lights to pull him over. Well, Joel had a sock full of REEFER and hashish sitting on the front seat so before he pulled over, he tried stashing the sock.

 I say ‘tried’ because his pit bull was also in the car, and thought Joel picking up the sock was his cue to play. His dog bit the other end of the sock and wouldn't let go. They played a brief game of tug-of-war until the dog aYANKED the sock out of Joel's hand. 

 In the process, the sock went flying . . . right out the window … and right onto the path of the oncoming deputy. Joel was arrested and cited for possession of marijuana and hashish