Drunken Woman Takes Off Her Clothes To Fool Police Dogs. Doesn't Work ... Angela Ferranti of Port St. Lucie, Florida got behind the wheel after getting her drink on and promptly crashed into the median. She and her passenger both fled the scene, but only Angela came up with a brilliant idea. Ok, an idea that SEEMS brilliant when you've been drinking drunk and just ran from the scene of an accident. 

Angela figured the Po-Po would send a K-9 unit to hunt her down, and wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be able to follow her scent. So she STRIPPED DOWN to her bra and undies, and kept running. Unfortunately for Angela, police dogs can't be fooled as easily as in movies, and one named Kilo tracked her down, hiding in the woods, mostly naked. She was arrested for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

They also found a pipe with some marijuana residue in it in her car, so she was also busted for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Thank God It's Thursday ... If you've ever wondered just how LITTLE attention the government pays its employees, here's your answer: 64-year-old Howard Dean was the director of the New York Department of Corrections Food Production Center, and didn't like working Fridays so he simply stopped showing up to work on Fridays.

He took off every single Friday from 1993 until the day he retired. And how long do you think it took for that to happen? Would you believe seventeen years?

All told, his illegal days off were worth about $230,000 of the taxpayers' money. Dean also reported $205,000 in travel reimbursements for trips he never took, $32,000 in expenses for a vehicle he never drove, $7,300 for expenses he never spent, and $1,800 for meals he never ate. The state finally caught him after an audit this year. Never underestimate how slow things happen in a bureaucracy. Dean took a plea and will do six months in jail, then five years of probation. He also has to start paying back all of the money he stole.