Drunk Man Mistakes Cigarettes for Cell Phone ... A Russian man pulled over for drunk driving tried to avoid arrest by pretending to make a call to a friend he said was connected and could get the charges dropped. He was so drunk, though, he pulled out a cigarette pack and began talking into that -- instead of his cell-phone. At first, the unidentified man pretended his hand was a cell phone and began yakking away.

When he finally realized his hand does not have any sort of 3capability, he reached into his pocket and scooped out the pack of cigarettes  ...

Eventually, the drunk wrapped up his pseudo-conversation by telling the imaginary person on the line to “just deal with the situation.” He then hung up his cigarette pack and promptly passed out.

Israeli Couple Names Their Baby After the Facebook ‘Thumbs Up’... Lior and Vardit Adler of Israel have named their new baby girl "Like." As in the Facebook "Like" button you and I use to give someones post the "thumbs up".

Lior says his first two daughters are named after the Hebrew words for Honey and Pie, and he and Vardit wanted something even more unique for their third. Lior adds he only has 120 Facebook friends, and so far only fifty of them “Like” Like.