MAKE IT A DOUBLE ... DUI ... Some couples get matching sweaters. Some get matching tattoos. But a Connecticut couple went the extra mile -- and ended up with matching DUI charges! Here's how it went down:

Brandi Fein pulled her car into the parking lot of a Vermont hotel, climbed out and began shouting at her male companion, allegedly demanding, "If you can drive better, let's see it!" Hotel workers called cops after David Abbot obliged and sped away erratically. Troopers caught up with the couple down the road and gave them breathalyzer tests, finding both to be twice the legal limit and since both of them had driven the car, BOTH were hit with DUIs.

Sadly, they didn't release which one blew a higher number on the breathalyzer, so we can't definitively answer their argument of who was less drunk.

DOH! GUY SELLING MAGS PICKS WRONG GUY TO PUNCH … 26-year-old door-to-door magazine salesman Peter Trees was walking around Gainesville, Florida, last week knocking on doors and pushing subscriptions. One of the doors he knocked on was Miguel Roman's. Miguel was kind enough to listen to Peter's pitch, but told him he wasn't interested.

Peter, however, refused to leave and kept pushing Miguel to buy. So Miguel told him to get off his property. That only enraged Peter, who actually PUNCHED Miguel in the face. Then, he walked into Miguel's house! What the magazine salesman didn't realize was that Miguel was an off-duty FEDERAL AGENT. Miguel pulled his piece on Peter and held him there until the police arrived. Peter was arrested and charged with battery and burglary.