REVENGE OF THE COMPUTER NERD … Two months ago, someone stole 18-year-old Mark Bao’s computer. Last week, Mark had an epiphany: He'd set up his computer to back itself up online and he could remotely access those backups, which meant he could log in and see what the thief had been doing with his computer!

Here’s what he was able to find out … One, the thief had made a video of himself dancing in front of the webcam to the song "Make It Rain" by TYGA. And two, the thief’s name thanks to the computer's web history. First, Mark called the cops to report what he’d learned.  Then he got his ultimate revenge by taking the video of the thief dancing to "Make It Rain" and posting it on YouTube … (--WARNING: The song has several curse words.)

Mark's ingenious idea forced the guy to return the laptop to the police, and then he BEGGED Mark to take the video down. the video. Mark's response? Hell to the no. The video now has more than half a million views.

GENIUSES RECORD THEMSELVES DISCUSSING BURGLARY PLAN … Three Holiday Heights, Florida, men got busted breaking into a guy's house to rob it. The cops found a camera in one of the guy’s pockets, which come to find out, the Geniuses had used to record and share EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of their break-in plan.

There's a priceless moment when they hear sirens and they’re caught on camera using the old cliché, quote, "[Eff] the police."  LOL. The video ends as they're standing at their victim's back door, about to break into his house. (--WARNING: LOTS of swearing and N-words) ...