WOMAN JACKS UP ROOMMATE OVER THIN MINTS ... Hersha Howard of Naples, Florida got home Sunday morning and went to the kitchen to eat from her stash of Thin Mints.  But she found that her delicious cookies were ALL GONE.  And she flipped out. She went into her roommate's room, woke her up, and accused her of eating the cookies. 

 The roommate insisted she didn't eat them, but Hersha didn't believe her. They argued, and it escalated to the point of Hersha CHASING her roommate around with SCISSORS, then HITTING her with a WOODEN BOARD, following her outside, and attacking her with a sign. Hersha was eventually arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

As for what happened to the missing cookies . . . it turns out that earlier that day the roommate HAD opened the Thin Mints, but she didn't eat them. She gave them to Hersha's KIDS because they were hungry.  Here's Hersha's mugshot. Isn't her facial expression priceless??? It's like it's saying  "I can't believe I just got arrested over some damn Girl Scout Cookies."


MATTRESS ON A CAR ... A 48-year old North Carolina man  is in the hospital with head injuries after he fell off the top of an SUV while holding down a mattress his friend had just bought. While they were driving home, the mattress kept moving, so the man volunteered to climb on top of the car to weigh it down. That worked until the man and the mattress both flew off the roof when the driver made a fast turn. Kind of makes you question evolution, doesn’t it?